Paris welcomes a temporary Magnum bar

Here comes the sunny days, along with the hot season. Here comes that moment when you suddenly feel like buying fans. While I was coming up with a way to improve the air circulation in my apartment by opening both the corridor and the attic windows, I received a mail inviting me to “try out the new Magnum bar”. Believe it or not, I accepted straight away.


The Magnum bar is located near the metro station Saint Paul, 23 rue du roi de Sicile, and welcomes you in a spacious place decorated following the brand’s colours.

Instructions :

Toppings :

Preparation :

Result :

I took a vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate cover and a raspberry, sparkling chocolate and grilled almonds topping. A true delight!

The bar is opened for 4 weeks, and I intend to go back there often. Let me know if you plan to go and try it out!
Temporary Ice Cream bar, open until June the 24th
23 rue du roi de Sicile
75004 Paris
4.50 euros for your very own customized ice cream.


Mardi, mercredi et dimanche: 12h – 20h
jeudi, vendredi, samedi: 12h – 22h
Plus d’infos ici ou sur la page facebook ici