Strong sensations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a totally crazy city, but Michael and I went out of Vegas to explore the surroundings.

Over the Red Mountains on a zip line

We started by riding a Zip line over the Red Mountains. So we were hooked on a wire with a very comfortable harness and went over some kind of mini Canyon at high speed.zipline4_fin
The sensations are really cool and the landscape is beautiful. The guides are adorable and very funny, there is a great atmosphere and everybody is laughing.
The guides are there to receive us at the arrival and untie us.
zipline2_fin zipline1_fin

Flying over the Grand Canyon with Sundance Helicopter


Thanks to my travel blog, I travel by plane very often and I love it. But I like the helicopter too, which gives different sensations and can land almost anywhere, especially in the middle of the Grand Canyon.
Nevada Sunset

The colors during our flight were wonderful. We were able to appreciate the sunset above the red rocks, and the razing light sneaking between the mountains and being reflected on the water.
lake and sky

We find ourselves over a landscape we think straight out of a science-fiction movie with very intense colors.
heli in canyon

The helicopter was itself very good-looking and I had the chance to sit next to the pilot so I’ve been able to see all the navigation tools and his maneuvers.

In both directions, we were able to fly over Vegas and the strip : by day at the outward and by night at the return !
4 helis in canyon

I had a magical time thanks to Sundance Helicopters that I would recommend with no hesitation !

If you have sensational adventure recommendations, anywhere in the world, for my next trips, feel free !