I like to fly

I like not only going around the world and filling this travel blog but travelling by plane as well. I seize all the opportunities to fly. The weather is always good above the clouds…
I love the take off, this feeling to be pressed against the seat, like a man who presses you against the wall, to feel heavier, to feel distinctly your whole body. The plane speeds up, I close my eyes.

During the flight, I try to image who the people around me are, what is their story. And I write as well, being flying cuts up all the incessant interactions with the outside, and I can let me mind wander and put together all my thoughts to write what I have on my heart. Yes, this article is being written in a plane, just like most of the little personal articles.


Photo by Tom

The landing is the beginning of a new adventure, or my home coming to meet the ones I love and share the adventures I just lived, with them, with you…

To watch and re-watch, Hugo Possamaï’s video that makes you want to fly :