Preparing your travel bag

It’s always a puzzle to know what to put in your travel bag : as light as possible, but to lack less things as possible. It’s all about compromises !

This bag is so great, a stranger gave it to me when I was hitchhiking in Italy and it is solid and pretty good looking !

1 – Decathlon super compact shower towel : to stay clean in all situations !

2 – My camera charger : to bring you great memories from this journey

3 – My sleeping bag : I don’t know in whose house I sleep, but it’s always useful to avoid the cold, or to sleep in not so clean places !

4 – My MacBook Air : very light, it will allow me to work on the road, blog and load my pictures !

5 – Some make up to try to look like a girl if I’m invited to a party.A foundation, 1 pencil, 1 Benefit eye shadow, 1 lipstick, 1 mascara.

6 – An unlocked phone, hoping to find a sim card in the US. I already have an Italian sim and a Swedish sim, this will add to my collection 🙂

7 – Underclothes. A lot. That’s THE thing I really need to change everyday to feel well, and I’m not always able to wash and dry on the way.

8 – A toiletry/first aid kit : Travel toothbrush, Lush solid shampooing, Lush solid hydrating serum (it doesn’t pour, it doesn’t take place, it rocks !), bandage, dolipranne, ibuprofen, deodorant, fragrance, earplugs (cool to sleep in a noisy place !)

9 – Bags, that might be used as shopping bags/dirty laundry/purses. It’s always useful !

10 – Socks, stockings, leggings. to be piled under my jeans to be warm 🙂

11 – Clothes to go out : mini shorts – skirt – dress

12 – Clothes to travel : jeans, tshirts to pile up, thin pull

5-7-8-10-11-12 : I bought these very useful bags on DealExtreme :, it allows me to reduce the mess in the back at every daily unpacking/packing and protects the content in case of rain or leak of products

As a purse, a Urban Factory bag, special APN reflex, to protect it from shocks, without carrying a big bag. And very thin belt bag to keep my passport and a few money, that I will keep with me.

Inside my purse. I will add my iPhone, my wallet, and something to drink/eat once on site.
What I would love to carry with me, but must leave for space reasons :
– my Martin Backpacker travel guitar, I’ll find one on site !
– my Seba rollers, that I often carry when travelling, useful to move quickly and for free, but I’m going with a non-rider so it will be useless to take them.
– Some other shoes. I will take only the ones I have my feet in and improvise there
– A book, for example « le tour du monde en stop » that I am currently reading. Too heavy to carry.
– My big super hot Eden Park coat that I love so much, but which will be a burden when I am invited to the South of the USA. I chose my Kanabeach windproof jacket, the one that makes me look like a ninja. I will wear the turtlenecks and my big 1-up hoody
– More beauty products : I am far from being a make up addict, but exit moisturizer, day cream, and various cleansing milk.

Do you think that I forgot something ?