A great unexpected week-end in Texas.

I was quietly taking a trip around the world when my friend Jake called me. I was in California, he had just moved to Texas… I jumped on the first plane to join him and it was really a good idea: we had a great weekend to discover Texas.
I landed at Austin airport and we started our adventure.
We took the direction to Fredericksburg, a cute city of 10,000 habitants. Main street (the main street) looks like a Disney scenery with its old wooden houses.
Texas, it stings!
We went to Enchanted Rock, a  sacred rock/mountain for Native Americans. The photo below shows you 2 people on the left. This place is huge.


Light, color and space are breathtaking! There is a small walk 15-30 minutes to climb to the top (I recommend you go with a GI, because for him it is a breeze, and you, you seem to be an old granny next to him).


We saw a crazy sunset, a game of shadows and colors a little bit crazy. then we finally decided to hit the road.
On the way back, in the middle of nowhere, we came across a completely unreal bar at the roadside: Frontier Outpost.


Dogs played in the bar, which was heated by a large wood stove. People played music on the terrace. Everyone was talking and laughing. Ultra warm atmosphere.


Jake and I alternately took the guitar and jumped on stage. From my first song in French, I had the attention. In the end I played more than a dozen songs with a drummer and another guitarist, it was a magical and very special atmosphere!
Jake asked me « where do you want to sleep?  particular desires? » And then I do not know why, I said « in a hunter cabin. »
This gentleman called all his contacts to find a lovely place. And the result exceeded our hopes!


We stayed in a wooden house, 200 years old, with a fireplace and lots of super kitsch stuff on the wall.
Obviously, I « did my princess » and I insisted on having a fire in the fireplace. So Jake went in search of wood in the middle of the night and turned on me with a good fire. The sound of crackling flames, the smell of wood burns, the warmth, what a joy, a real smooth!
Texas_08This is our wooden house a few blocks from main street in Fredericksburg and yet surrounded by nature.
The agency who booked it :
Gastehaus Schmidt: 231 West Main, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States – +1 866-427-8374 – @ fbglodging – fbglodging.com

For other hotels in Texas you can also watch on Holiday Check.
Texas_09The next morning we went back on the road to Austin and we saw buffalos! They were really huge! Jake and I were very hungry, we thought the same thing « yum yum buffalo ». Courageous but not foolhardy, we chose to find a restaurant which offered buffalo burgers rather go try to hunt suddenly  only ith our Swiss knife and cigarette lighter.

We stopped at Hut’s in Austin (807 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703) and we enjoyed delicious buffalo burger.  I took Arnold’s Best Guacamole + Bacon because it’s my favorite combo!

Austin is really a cute town, 6th street in particular. All bars (or most of them) have a rooftop.
In the evening, we went to a concert of The Roosevelts at Lamberts, a nifty place, good cocktails, great music. Austin is really a city where you have to listen live music.


After the concert, we had a walk in the streets, as it was 25C in January, it was quite nice.

Texas_13 A true music celebration in the street and it’s like this every weekend apparently.
We got the great apartment we rented:  https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/321857
I recommend it, very central and Chris, the owner, is very cool!

The next day we returned to Killeen, the town next to Fort Hood. I disguised IM waiting to visit the largest U.S. military base.

The next day I went to visit this huge base that hosts 65,000 soldiers. Most places are confidential and I was not allowed to take photos (even discreetly, they are military, we do not laugh).

I saw lots of  crazy stuff but I can not talk about it. And  some top secret stories were been told ma… then I have to forget. I loved to visit the museum, with lot of helicopters and tanks!
Texas_15All streets have fun names like « tank destroyer boulevard » and as you can see from the photo, we are under surveillance.
I can not wait to return to Texas, I had a crush for this place, it was completely unexpected for me!