How celebrated New Year’s Eves twice the same year!

I like to celebrate new year, when everyone is in love with everyone and where we party like never before. I always try starting the year on an exceptional way, selecting carefully who I will kiss first, who will have my first french kiss, and who I will wrap the first in the party favors…

This year I decided to spend  my New year’s eve in Sydney, to be the first to wish an happy new year to everybody, to call friends in France where is still only 2pm, and wish them all the happiness in the world.

And to do that, I called the best: my buddy Dan!
NYE2012_01We met at the Sydney Opera House, the best place to celebrate this upcoming new year in Sydney.
NYE2012_02We participated to a concert with lots of talented artists and beautiful topless DJ, a good deal 🙂
NYE2012_03I met some great people including Alex, a super hot politician. Well obviously, he’s gay, it was too good to be true… He supports the gay cause, he is smiling, kind and clever. That’s how they manage policy in Australia.

NYE2012_04I also met  Kylie Minogue, who wish us lot of  happy things for this new year.
NYE2012_05I made ​​new friends, as Brenda, she was very cute, very friendly and very cute (but I already said cute, didn’t I!)

NYE2012_00There was also Rob, so fun and nice, who sang «  »voulez vous couchez avec moi » loudly in my ears.

NYE2012_06There was a first fireworks at 9pm and then the « grand finale » at midnight. It was crazy, it’s like that in Sydney, they do things in hudge for the new year’s eve night. Breathtaking fireworks, parties during all day…

NYE2012_08I went to bed (a little), and in the 1st morning of the year, Dan took me to my plane, to have a Sydney > Auckland flight.

NYE2012_07On January 1st, 2013 at 4pm, I took off from New Zealand, went over the date line and I landed Dec. 31, 2012 in Tahiti.

2 nouvels ansLa date line or  date change line is represented by the dotted points.
NYE2012_12I was greeted by Kevin who has kindly picked me up at the airport. Then we had party with my friend Sam and his family. I wore beautiful flowers necklace and spent time in a hot atmosphere at Paradise.

NYE2012_09We made the midnight countdown, 20 hours after my previous countdown in Sydney.

NYE2012_11I moved to 2013 ( Tahiti is written on  DJ’sTshirt, hence the photo)

NYE2012_10 And we are all together again for a wonderful celebration evening!
Here’s how I celebrated New Year two times in the same year!

Thank you to all those without whom this crazy project would not have existed: Florent crazy traveler with who this idea was born, Tom « my kitty » who encouraged me, Dan who made ​​me live my best and my wildest new year’s eve and took me to the airport in the morning on January 1st, Kevin (via Bernard, via Lucille) who picked me up at the airport the 31st evening, Sam who greeted me and took me to the party!

What was your craziest new year’s eve? What is your dreamed new year’s eve ?

Give me some ideas for next year!