Long Beach, the chill-out city near Los Angeles #1

Long Beach, some 20 miles south of Los Angeles, has 500,000 inhabitants and is California’s 5th largest city. It is a city by the sea, as well as a very cosmopolitan one. It also is one of California’s largest university campuses. Notably, the Queen Mary has been moored in Long Beach’s harbour since 1967. If you find yourself in South California, I strongly recommend that you stay in this city, which is way more relaxing and less expensive than Los Angeles.

Here are some of my favorite places:
For breakfast:

Eggs Etc
I especially recommend their banana pancakes, which are my little weakness… But beware, they’re huge! I usually order the set menu that includes eggs and bacon but it’s quite impossible to start eating my 2nd pancake (nor to order one). They’re served with maple syrup and salted butter. You can have all the coffee you want, but it doesn’t seem to apply to tea, even if you get a large teapot with your cup and quite a variety of tea.
550 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, Ca 90814 +1 (562) 433-9588
Open 7am-2pm every day

For lunch or dinner:

In the U.S., you must eat at least a couple of burgers. Generally speaking, they’re quite good… so enjoy them!

Best burgers EVER! They are huge, delicious and cost less than $6 (€4,50). You can order regular fries or fries covered with cheese (delicious!). And if you want to spice things up a little, I recommend the Cajun Fries.
My favorite burger is the George Foreman V (the one in the picture), with bacon, cheese and avocado. You should know that California is the one and only place where you must eat avocados if you love them. They’re exquisite!
3701 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90803 +1 (562) 439-0809
Open Mon-Fri 10:30 am – 9 pm //  Sat 10:30 am – 6 pm //  Sun 9 am – 7 pm

South California offers you great Mexican food, since it isn’t far from the border!

Lola’s Mexican food
A very good Mexican restaurant, close to the city center, where you can sit while you eat.
2030 East 4th Street Long Beach, Ca 90814 562.343.5506
Open: 11h30AM – 9h30PM
Taqueria La Mexicana
It’s very good, very cheap, but you can’t sit there.  However, why not order some food and eat it on the grass along the beach, 4 streets away?
3270 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90814 (562) 433-6389
Open 9 am – 9:30 pm, every day


Open Sesame
I didn’t expect to eat in this restaurant but my friend Alex took me there and it was absolutly exquisite!
It started as a counter and it became so succesful that they opened a first room, then a large terrace and then a 2nd room a 100 yards away. And it’s always full.
5215 East 2nd Street Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 621-1698