Las Vegas : a luxurious oasis in the middle of the desert

I go very often to Long Beach, California. I tried several times to convince my Californian buddies Trent, Halle, Jon and the others to go to Vegas with me, but it has been a failure because because of their schedules. Then a few months ago, Michael told that he was available for going to Vegas, that I just had to let him know the dates. I thought « this is the right time ! »


I was supposed to spend a few days in Long Beach, then we’d go on Friday, but we finally decided to go on Thursday. I was so excited. On Tuesday, Michael calls me and says « do you want us to go tomorrow ? » Yes ! I cancel all my plans (it’s not very kind, apologizes to Matt who I let down, that’ll be next time !) and here we are on our way to Nevada.


Besides the discovery of Las Vegas, I was very excited by the trip across the desert. I was already imagining the arid plains, the cactus and the flying brushwood as in westerns. When Michael found  this hotel in the middle of the Mojave desert, I jumped for joy !

Well, actually I was a little disappointed by the surroundings on the road across the desert : the surroundings of the road are full with solar panels and other ugly things. However the hotel was a unique experience, and we were the only clients !


In the evening, we ate at the little « restaurant » next to the hotel. A crackling fire, a mini-greenhouse in which they grow their own aromatic plants, an adorable waitress, I’m in heaven !

The temperature at night was extremely low (I remember those who haven’t listened to the middle school teacher : desert climate means big temperature difference between day and night) about 2 or 3 Celsius degrees, which wasn’t encouraging to stay under the wonderful starry sky above us. I had never seen such a nice sky, not any cloud, no parasite light at tens of miles around, not any noise, a unique moment.


Our room looked totally different on the following day : a luxurious suite in one of Vegas’ greatest hotels : the Palazzo.


Everything is oversized and luxurious in Vegas, we go through a reconstituted Venice in the Venetian Hotel, and the Palazzo bears well its name of palace. We could have spent the whole day enjoying our wonderful hotel room, but we had a big planning in Vegas.


For all the activities we planned, a limousine came and picked us up. Limousines in Vegas are like taxis in Paris, except the driver is very very polite, he smells good, he wears a tuxedo and there is a bar with champagne in the car. So it’s still much better than a taxi !


Our first stop of the trip is at a strip club, the Sapphire. I didn’t really want to experience the night life or the casinos, but I was curious though to see what a strip club in Vegas looks like. First of all it’s very bling bling/show off, there are dancers everywhere, much more than clients at the time we went there, probably too early in the evening.


We visit little private rooms overlooking the club, where you can see without being seen. To book the rooms, the prices are outrageous, more than $5000 per hour, to which should be added the price of the girls and the bottles of champagne.


Vegas is a city that lives in the night, and all its lights make it absolutely magical when the night falls.

shark tank reef

I’m a huge fan of sharks so I wanted to visit the Shark Tank (shark aquarium) and I liked it a lot because you can see the sharks very well, however, I don’t think it’s such a comfort for the sharks, I think that they have much more room at the Aquarium of Paris, where you can see nice specimen of sharks.


In Vegas, we barely had time to eat as we were running everywhere ! But, we found a very little sushi restaurant, right next to a tatoo shop, where they make Californian salads, that’s awesome ! We ate there 2 consecutive evenings !

ATL bodies


We went to see the exhibition Bodies, which was very interesting, showing how amazing the human bodie is. And I loved the little stuffed blood cell they sell in the shop at the end of the exhibition !

In short, I loved Vegas and I hope I’ll get back there soon ! If you have good plans to give me for the next time, feel free !