Yumise, because fat makes you happy.

You certainly already know how fond of good food I am, and I love trying out local food and dishes when travelling. And I really love those very sweet and fatty American products, though my weigh-scale doesn’t appreciate it much.

Everytime I travel , everyone asks me to bring back a few « souvenirs », but I run out of them pretty quickly.

So to solve that problem, Yumise is there.

But what is Yumise ?

Yumise is an online grocery store launched in Paris in 2011, after the founder of the blog FASTANDFOOD, Christian, came back from a trip to New York.

Now here is the good news: 5 exquisite lip balms to win by commenting on this article.

How to take part:

Choose your favorite product on Yumise, leave a link and explain your choice. To increase your chances, you can tweet “I’m taking part to the @Yumiserf online competition on @JuliaChou ‘s blog. Here’s my favourite product: [link].”

Winners draw on July the 4th, on the Independence Day!