One month in Sydney : Sea, Surf and Sun

In 2 weeks, I’ll discover Australia for the first time !

I arrive at 9 am Dec. 15 in Sydney, I leave on January 13.

It’s a childhood dream for me, this country-continent always fascinated me, far for everything, with its unique flora and fauna. I would love to be friend with a kangaroo, protecting me boxing my enemies !
Also, I love water sports, so I’d love to learn how to surf there.

Photo by Ludo

I would like you to give me advice about the places I need to go to absolutely, and especially some cool people to contact there !

I am looking for people to:
Host me on their couch
– Teach me how to surf
– Spend Christmas with, in an Australian family
– Make an amazing New Year’s eve
– Make me visit and meet other great people!

I’m also looking for offices to work from on my days of teleworking, if you know some cool companies or free co-working spaces I need it! I just need the wifi and electricity!

Photo by Ludo

Pass my article to your friends in Australia, and I will meet great people!

Thank you!