On the plane

The first time I took the plane, I was less than 1 year old. The first time I took the plane alone, I was 11. Nowdays, I’m flying about 2 times a month. No need to say that I am a regular!

I never get lost in an airport, I know the codes. A letter to the area, a number for the door.A24, B6, E14 …

At the security check I’m like a little robot: a box for my jacket, my belt, the cover of my computer and my camera. A small plastic bag for liquids. A box for the laptop and the camera. A box for the shoes. I never ring the metal detector, agents do not talk to me, I go, transparent, I dressed as fast as lightning, everything is well established. I hang around the shops, the giant toblerones, the distributors of M & M’s and memories. If I have some local currency to spend, buy some junk. Never CB, prices are exorbitant and duty-free is not interesting when you do not smoke or drink alcohol.

My cabin bag is never too big, I don’t have 3 bags hostesses tries to make me fit in my main bag. Everything is clean, nothing messy, I do not speak, I go, I give my ticket. I smile, hello, thank you. I get on the plane, if it’s a free-placement, I go near the Emergency Exit, there is more legroom. I turn off my phone, I put my bag and all my stuff in the trunk. I put my head in the window, and I usually fall asleep before take off, I would be awakened by the plane touching down, and sometimes the applause of passengers, that I will never understand …

On the long flights, I become a baby. I sleep, I semi-wake up when they bring me a drink or food.

We land. I open my eyes, I wait until the plane is parked, stopped completely, and I see, as usual, the hostess ask people to sit down. I turn on my phone, waiting for my neighbors get their stuff, make my way slowly towards the exit. Thank you, goodbye. I pull out my passport, I pass the controls. Effusions of joy, reunion.

Nobody is waiting for me, I look at the signs for the train, subway, bus. I just want to cuddle them to these people waiting, especially those with a large bouquet of flowers. I want to make me look like one of those people whose name is marked on one panel. Yes I am Ms. Smith, I’m here for the Congress on the silver frogs. My limousine is ready? Let’s go!

I listen to the conversations around me, what languages ​​they speak, what is their history?

Let’s go to this new city.