« Juliachou approved » : the « Burger Cantalou » from the restaurant Chez Papa

Yesterday, I was in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, a district I’m not really familiar with, and was looking for a place to have lunch. It was around 3.30pm. I walked past the restaurant “Chez Papa”, and though it didn’t look like much, the name did ring a bell. I finally decided to get in, for the placard mentioned “non stop service”.
We were warmly welcomed, and invited to sit wherever we wanted to have lunch.
We both ordered the same “Burger Cantalou”, rare for me and medium-rare for him.
We were served pretty quickly and were positively surprised by the dish: the portion is very generous, with a really big burger served on a wooden board, and some potatoes cooked with garlic and parsley (which I appreciated a lot, for I generally don’t eat my french fries).

We asked for sauces and the (smiling!) waiter immediately brought some ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. I started with the potatoes, which were truly delicious. Actually, I had already eaten half of them before I took the photo.
Then I tried the burger, one of the best I ever ate in France: the cheese (Cantal) is absolutely delicious. Its taste is not too strong, so that it doesn’t affect the global taste of the burger. The steak was clearly homemade and well-seasoned, juicy, and well-cooked. There’s just the right amount of sauce and the bun at the bottom is dry, just the way it ought to be, for I hate when it gets chewy and soaked with the juice. The buns are really good, a little crispy on top and soft inside.
I really loved it!

Chez Papa
125 avenue Gambetta
75020 Paris

Metro station: Pelleport