Discovering UCPA and a Samsung camera

A few weeks ago, Samsung proposed me for an athlete weekend at the UCPA, to test the DV300F camera. It has a lot of funny modes, but I will be focused on two specific features I particularly liked, and could really serve you during a journey.

A connected camera:

For some time now, I use less my SLR camera during my trips because I love sharing my pics instantly, like slices of life. Having my SLR constrains me to have a computer, to transfer my pics and finally have the possibility to share them. So I do not do it, let hang out, and then, I forget.

The DV300F connects to wifi to send photos via email, Facebook, Youtube, Picasa, or Photobucket. So it’s really pratical, no computer required, just a wifi connection!

Moreover, there is also the « MobileLink » to send your pictures directly to an iPhone or Android without wifi (the device creates a wireless network which connects it to the phone), then you just have to tweet it or use other network, with 3G directly through the phone. A great feature to post pics with an higher quality than my iPhone 4S ones!

A screen at the front of the camera:

Every time I take pictures on vacation, I never appears on it! Or I’m forced to use my iPhone.

With the screen at the front of the camera, I’ve got a total control of my duckfaces and myspace angle!

Moreover, we can use a smartphone as an external display to take pictures, with the Remote application.

Otherwise, UCPA is super nice!

During a horseback ride, even it was not foreseen in the trek, I had a small nice gallop.

Introduction to golf. This is how we do it?

Helena who took good care of us throughout our stay at UCPA. Love you chick!

The friends with whom I left: Damien, Fanny, Alexander, Chandleyr, Brice, Amanda, and Alexandra Bruno, and our penguin dad: Vincent