[Check-List]: 12 things to do before you leave on vacation

1) Make sure someone knows about your travelling plans, and appoint someone to deal with emergency situations while you’re gone. (give this person one bundle of keys).
2) Ask a friend or a neighbour to check your letter box, so that it won’t get overfilled.
3) Check the top amount your bank allows you to spend in a limited amount of time. As we tend to spend a lot more when on a trip, you will spare yourself a pretty stressful scenario, in which your credit card gets blocked… (trust me, I know it from experience)
4) Make sure that both your passport and your credit card won’t expire while you’re gone.
5) If you have pets, ask someone to take care of them.
6) Concerning the heating, adjust it very low without turning it off if it’s very cold, or turn it off and ask one of your neighbours to turn it on again the day before you come back.
7) Clean up your toilets, the fridge, the bins, and do your dishes, because otherwise bacteria might thrive quickly and end up making your apartment smell…unpleasant.
8) Do not leave any fruit or waste that might rot.
9) Make sure you turned off all the taps.
10) If you expect some bills during your holidays, schedule your transfer payments so that you can enjoy them stress-free.
11) Confirm your bookings, to avoid bad surprises when you finally reach your vacation spot.
12) Don’t just turn off electronic devices, but plug them off.

What is your own check-list? And where do you plan to spend your next holidays?