American cuisine and other sweetness

One thing I particularly like travel is to discover an entirely different food culture.Tastes, smells, colors, manners of eating and meal times: everything is exotic and we learn a lot about people.

In the U.S., everything is sweeter, even products that are found in France are different in the U.S. for the same package. The portions are much larger, and the « doggy bag » (bag to take leftovers home is not to be confused with the doggy style) is the custom here.

In California, I had the chance to meet Tyler, a young chef of 24 years only. He writes the menus and heads a team of cooks in California. With him, I could talk about the culinary habits of Americans so different from that of French and so representative of the country.

The United States is a country of immigrants. This immigration is found in foods, and specialties are different from one state to another depending on which country was colonized or influenced by its proximity. American cuisine is a melting pot of cuisines.

California is the state of avocados. They are grown and are absolutely delicious.Suddenly they find any number of ways: Avocado burger, avocado smoothie, sandwich avocado, guacamole … Grapefruit too, I do not usual in France are delicious California. California is also the state that saw McDonald’s!

There are also a lot of Mexican food like burritos, burritos vendors are open all night, the equivalent of kebabs for us.

In Texas, Mexican food is different: this is called the Tex-Mex, which is a mix of Texan and Mexican food such as chili con carne and fajitas.

In Florida, I could taste the specialties Cuban population in Miami is very present.The dish that I ate chicken – black beans – rice – plantains, was divine! It recalls the « kitchen island » in general, this meal reminded me of my stays at the meeting.

In New York, due to heavy influx of Neapolitans (there is the best pizza in the world in Naples), New York is known for its pizza. I tasted two, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the thin and delicious, so I expected to find the thick and greasy. By cons, trims would yell an Italian, who is generally a purist on pizza:)

More generally, I discovered a few delights not good for health, but I recommend you (in moderation).

You can order cheese on your fries. I saw that in most fast food. It looks like a slice of cheese melted ham and cheese sandwich on the tray of fried. It fatty desire and a tray with melted cheese served us a meal for 2 at Jack in the box.

The Cupcake: I tested Berko in Paris, which I found delicious, but the U.S., I ate lots of different cupcakes. Between those who are prepared before you, those sparkling, those who have a rich butter cream, iced cupcakes … There are a wide range of textures and flavors in their extraordinary cupcackes: to be tested must if you go to the USA!

Yogurtland: You can try free samples of their frozen yogurt different (which resembles what is known in France for the ice cream) is very sweet but ice « original » which is just yogurt and is delicious.

It gives us a big jar at the checkout, we filled ourselves ice you want, and then put different toppings (about thirty of choice: kinder, fruis fresh, chocolate chips, chocolates ect .. .), then we go to the cashier to weigh the pot. For my part I was well pleased (City Walk in Hollywood) and I got it for $ 3 or 2.1 €, and we ate it at 2!

Wendy’s: my favorite fast food chain! Their image: fresh produce and quality, not frozen. I totally fell in love with me in their Baconnator more Call for more than 24 hours!

The pancakes, especially bananas, my bottom completely melted! They are usually served with butter and maple syrup, you can add if you like, but I preferred to eat as is!

What did I miss? What else should I absolutely specialty test in my next trip there?