Across the USA hitchhiking

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Here we are, we did it : we cross the USA hitchhiking. Regarding the season, we cross it by the south 🙂

Our trip in numbers :

– A 4500km (2800 mi) travel

6 dayswhere enought to link Long Beach CA from Miami Beach, FL

– The last 2800km were done in only 29 hours

– Our longest non stop ride with the same driver was from San Antonio TX to Kingman AZ, meaning 2000km in 23h : an adorable couple Desirae & Hulon took care of us in such an amazing way !

– Our longuest time waiting was 30km before New Orleans : stuck 6 hours without anybody willing to give us a ride, either asking at the gas station or hitchhiking alog the road

– Our biggest money gift : 100$ by Kevin, in San Antonio « Jesus told me to give it to you »

– Our shortest wait : at Kingman’s truck stop, we made a call on the CB (truck radio) and a truck came to pick us up right in front of the truck we were in : 5m to walk !

– Our worst night : Crowley, LA, we were stuck there with nobody willing to help us, by night, freezing, and we finaly took an hotel at 2am and we managed to negociate it from 60$ to 40$. A nice hotel, with a big bed, a big bath and an expresso machine with free coffee.

6 police cars did stop for us. 3 gave us a ride to the next exit, and 1 nearly took us to the police station because we where trying to sleep in a wooden garden shelter(on sell). Special mention to the policemen Gary and Justin who were really nice to us.

100% of the people told us that we where crazy, that we where gonna be killed, that everybody was really bad, and that our chances to survive were relly weak. And the ones to reach our goal were close to zero.