A too short stay in New York

Surprisingly, I didn’t  really liked this city. Too big, too expensive, people are too hasty. People were bumping into me all the time in the street, I find it particularly unpleasant. I just visited walking, and only Manhattan. 
It was too cold, too gray for me to enjoy the city, but I’ll be back!

Here are a few places I especially apreciated:

The Rooftop Bar: www.230-fifth.com beautiful view, but a bit chilly despite the heaters and red robes provided at the entrance of the garden. To drink: an Appletini

Going out: The living room: www.livingroomny.com do not forget your ID card to prove that you are over 21 years! 
At the back of the room, behind the red curtain, a small scene visible from the entrance with a good band. Admission is free. Plan $ 3 for an orange juice, $ 6 for a beer + tips.

Enjoy delicious Cupcake: cupcake Magniolia: www.magnoliacupcakes.com – Their buttercream is quite heavy but really delicious!

Astor Place: I played music at the subway exit at Astor Place and spent some time at Starbucks. I also loved the great SuperDry shop near the square.

I did not even see the Statue of Liberty or show on Broadway: (