Train journey across Japan [part 3] : Tokyo


Couchsurfing is quite complicated in Japan, it’s not in the culture, so I decided to rent a room at Yoshi’s, who welcomed me as if I we were friends for years ! He invited all his friends, made a party for me and cooked many strange Japanese specialities for me !


Japan is the country of temples. The colors are bright and this country is very photogenic.


Temples are links with nature and elements, and even when they are in downtown, they are very peaceful !

tokyo3Japan is not for you if you are too tall. Everything is small : doors, beds, rooms, etc. But the advantage when you go with a tall friend is that you can’t lose him !

Japan is also the country of prohibitions, you can’t take photos, wear shoes, touch, or even draw inside the building !


I brought Tabi’s from Japan : these shoes used by rickshaw carries are very comfortable. « Tabi » means « trip » in Japanese, then I could only like these shoes !

We haven’t tested the capsule hotels but I find the concept interesting. But the prices weren’t really attractive !


I also tested the Gamin Centers and I loved the Purikura, some kind of giant photo booths in which you can customize the photos at the end of the shooting, a very fun moment and great memories to bring back !


In the gaming centers, you can play all kind of games and get your ass kicked by your friends, I’m so bad at this !


A few days before my first stay in Tokyo, I had the huge honour to meet monsieur Alain Ducasse, who gave me good addresses and the contact of the director of the Ducasse group in Japan. He called me from Japan to help me plan my stay, and once there, he kindly welcomed me at Benoit Tokyo and told me about the puzzling Japanese culture . The food was delicious, I felt like in France ! The bread and the foie gras surprised me particularly with their quality, this far from France !

tokyoFood1I didn’t go to the Japan for French food though ! My friend Antoine who currently lives in Tokyo took me to this wonderful place which has been my favourite culinary discovery. But luckily he was here to help me translate the name of the meals because the menu was in Japanese. I ate some raw fish, cooked fish and many good things that I don’t know…

tokyodfingerIf you want to go this restaurant, the subway is Iidabashi and right above is the plan !


What I love in Japan aside from raw fish, is Kawaï food, everything is colored and with cute shapes. Little chocolate pandas, panda shaped onigiri (filled rice balls), chestnut and sweet potato cakes.


Onigiri, chirashi and matcha in all its forms are what I ate the most in Japan.


If you visit Tokyo, you mustn’t miss Takeshita street, where we see young people dressed as animals, and many gadgets each one more crazy than the last !


From Japan, I brought 2 tea-pots : one in terracotta and one in cast iron. I drink a lot of Sencha green tea since I came back (I love the Lov Organic one). I also brought bento and chopsticks. And right under my home, there is one of the best Ramen in Paris, at the corner of rue Saint Anne and rue des Petits Champs.

Finally, take a look at Norman’s video in Tokyo :