My 10 most beautiful places in the world

Through speaking with other travelers, I discover places that I did not even suspect existed, places which are off the beaten track, where I’d love to go:

avatar 695x231

1. The Zhangjiajie park in China-the landscapes of Avatar


uyuni 695x231

2. The Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

uluru 695x231

3. Uluru in Australia:


sahara 695x231

4. The Sahara, the largest desert in the world:

I love deserts, especially this one in Dubai , so I’d love to go see the Sahara.


greenland 695x231

5. The Ice Canyon in Greenland


machu 695x231

6. The Machu Picchu in Peru:


himalaya 695x231

7. The Himalaya in Nepal: The roof of the world



marieta 695x231


8. Marieta Island: The hidden beach



danakil 695x231


9. The Danakil Depression in Ehtiopia: I’ve been to Ethiopia, but not to the Afar depression. It is an extreme scenery where sulfur lakes and an active volcano rub against each other.


HangSonDoong 695x231

10. Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world

I also got some of my inspiration in this super cool book:


1000 travel ideas from Lonely Planet

Check out Ludovic’s most beautiful landscapes as well:


lagonBleu 695x231

The most beautiful place where I’ve already been is the Blue Lagoon in Rangiroa. A blue, ultra-clear water, an aquatic fauna which does not shy away, and very friendly black tip sharks!

What about you, what is your little piece of heaven? The place you dream of going, or the place which already got you dreaming?