My 10 crazy adventure dreams

One day I read this beautiful phrase « they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it ». Sometimes, I set crazy goals for myself, to keep dreaming, to make you dream, and just because I can !

Some time ago, with my friend Antoine, we decided to hitchhike across USA from East to West. We did it impulsively, we thought that « it could work » and strongly believed, and we just did it !

I make dreams come true every time, I live my life to the fullest with a very large smile. But I am far from jaded and I still have a lot of dreams in my head, and great adventures to live !

1. Surfing in Hawaii

hawaiiDespite my poor surfing skills, I love this sport and I have paddled in a few nice spots :
– Hunington Beach, California, the cradle of the surfing brand Quicksilver/Roxy
– Tahiti, but the waves are way too big for me
– Sydney, Australia
– Bali, Indonesia
Hawaii is really a mythic place for surfing, so I decided to spend a week there and surf as much as possible. At that moment my good friend Laurent, Kitesurfer, invited me to go with him. And there I was, in Hawaii, for the first week of September. One more great dream coming true ! I will tell you another one soon…

2. Riding horses in Mongolia

mongoliMongolia is the country of the world with the lowest population density. Its big spaces and its mysterious people living in yurts always attracted me. I followed Rémi’s trip and it definitely convinced me to make a trip there. What means of transport is better than horses there ? I can imagine myself riding in the vast areas of steppes.

3. Going round Latin America on a motorcycle



One of the movies I enjoyed the most is Diarios de Motocicleta/Travel diariy. This movie tells the story of Ernesto « Che » Guevara’s trip, a young 23 year old doctor, with his friend Alberto Granado across South America in 1952, on « La Poderosa », a Norton 500 motorcycle. We see how, over the people he met and the social injustices and the misery he witnessed, Ernesto turned into Che Guevara.

Over my trips, the people I met, I get influenced and my behavior changes. This movie shows exactly my vision of trips. I would like to make the same trip, I am looking for a Spanish speaking companion, who has a motorcycle driving license and has knowledge about mechanics.

4. Going across Africa on a bike

afriqueOne day I met Gabriel, he was coming from a 2 and a half year trip on bike across Africa. He went through 29 countries and made more than 35000 km. It was mostly a great human adventure he lived with his girlfriend. This trip is also an initiatory trip to better know ourselves, meet people living in a world totally different from ours, and think with a better point of view of our planet. The big picture.

5. Indonesia on a seaplane

hydravionI was sitting on a rock with Fabien, watching the sunset over the Agung volcano, when he told me that he would like to have a seaplane, that it would be the ideal means of transportation in Indonesia. I love flying, on a airliner as well as on a small plane. I planned to complete a PPL (Private Pilot License) and this idea is very exciting. I recently talked about seaplanes with Elliot, and this project came again to my mind. Furthermore, I fell in love with Bali, so I keep this project in mind and it might become true one day !

6. Snowmobile in Laponia

motoneigeDuring my trip to Sweden, I met Mikael who lives in Skellefteå. It snows there from October to April, a subarctic climate ideal for his hobby : snowmobile. I watched his videos, it gives a real feeling of freedom and exciting sliding. I intend to go back there at the end of winter in March, to make a long ride with him on a snowmobile and see these big white landscapes.

7. Boat Trip Baltic Sea

voiliersI am not a huge fan of boats, but during my trip to Sweden I realized that Scandinavia has large water bodies and is surrounded by the sea. I really enjoyed my boat trip in the archipel of Stockholm, and while talking with Olivier, my travel buddy in Scandinavia, I thought that I would be happy to do it on a big sailboat, with a skipper of course !
My trip would be as follows : Stockholm – Helsinki – Saint-Petersbourg – Talin

8. Make a road trip in a Volkswagen Combi in Australia

The Volkswagen Combi is a mythic vehicle. During my two trips to Sidney I came across a lot of these, it is THE surfers’ vehicle. I love surfing and sliding sports in general and I love Australia. I dream to see the biggest rock of the world : the ayers rock in Uluru. In my mind we would be a group of happy friends and I wouldn’t be the driver !

9. San Diego -> San Francisco en Roller

californiaI love roller, it’s one the sports I practiced for the longest time, I have full control over my rollers and I am able to make long distances without getting too tired. California is a mythic place for rollers.

10. Quad in the desert


The Roses Des Sables trophy gave me this kind of crazy idea. I want to visit the desert, and I love quads, a great combination to slide on the dunes !

And do not let anyone tell you that you can’t live your dreams !