Kuala Lumpur, the motley

My first stop in this world tour 2013 was Kuala Lumpur. It’s the stop proposed to me to take when I went to Bali and I decided to stay there for 2 historic nights and get a glimpse of the city
Kuala_Lumpur_02After arriving to the airport, the best way to reach the city center (KL Sentral) was the Klia Express Train which costs less than 10€ with free Wi-Fi. From KL Sentral, we can take the remarkably clean and air conditioned metro that functions with tokens. We stamp the token when entering and we slip it in the portico while leaving.

In Kuala Lumpur, we meet a lot of expatriates working in the oil field
I went for a tour in one of the many bars located in Kuala Lumpur and I discovered a concept that I really liked: The Silent Nights. These are evenings in a silent night club where each participant has a headset and he is able to switch between two present DJ via a button on the headset. If you wish talking to someone without screaming your lungs out, you only need to remove the headset. The headsets are with a high sound quality and we can adjust the volume by ourselves.

In Kuala Lumpur, we can smoke inside the bars and night clubs.
I stayed with a friend of a friend in KLCC in the famous Twin Towers. It is an area full of skyscrapers and luxury buildings. I loved the live bars just around the corner, the nice and polite people and the large shopping center having all the brands I like!
At the corner of a street filled with street food, I found myself in Bangkok: In Jalan Alor , we find all kind of food booths which I always liked in the streets of Bangkok

A little further is the Arab neighborhood, Bukit Bintang. This area reminded me of Egypt: a happy mess, the smell of shisha in the streets and finally Arabic Food Booths
I ate in a magnificent and delicious restaurant : Al-Andalus

I particularly enjoyed the plates of my neighbors: Falafels, Kebda, Arayess and different grilled steaks served with Hommos and sesame cream. My Tajine was not that good though.
In a food court, I tasted the local dish: the fried Penang Kway Teaow for 2€.
It’s a kind of bad and very greasy Thai Pad with some pasta and not much of other things. I wouldn’t recommend it in particular.

I loved the Reggae bar next to the China Town, which also does the youth hostel. We can find travelers form all around the world, expatriates and Malaysians. Everyone is very open to discussion and meetings, the best place to go at early evenings to meet people visiting the city.
I also went to the China Town market where we can find, among other things, counterfeits (shirt, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, watches), electronics, small planes, jewelries. To see!

Special thanks to Mohamed, my host, who made me live and love this city. Such a pleasant meeting!