Happy new year 2014 !

The year 2013 in review :

I started 2013 in a good way with a double new year : once in Sydney, then a second time in Tahiti. It was the end of my first world tour : Los AngelesParis – New Dehli – BangkokBaliSydneyTahitiLos Angeles.  Back in France, I used Twitter to go squat somebody’s home at ski, and I met Florian, who makes very nice videos and has been the first one to make me want to do some.

In April, I went again for a world tour : ParisKuala Lumpur – Bali – Tokyo – Los Angeles – to end up meeting Guillaume and Morgane in New York  – Paris

I took advantage of the summer to make a road-trip in Scandinavia with Julien and Olivier. I also had my first cruise and I loved that !

I went back to Japan for a  second time. I made a hitch-hiking road-trip with Bastien from Paris to Amsterdam, across Brussels. I also discovered Hawaii and I loved it !

My most visited article of 2013 : Quel sac choisir pour partir en voyage ?

I decided to believe more in the  signs of destiny and enjoy what life gives me rather than wasting energy swimming against the tide : now I study every meeting, every pitfall, every opportunity to decide about my next projects. I haven’t forgotten my dreams though ! I’m trying to be surrounded by positive and ambitious people.

About my look, I evolved from my natural « surfer/adventurer » style to a more « Parisian woman » style helped by Maylis and Julien.

How I imagine 2014 :

I travel a lot but for me it’s important to be home. In 2014, I will try to be around for the people I love, be able to free up some time for thus who matter the most to me, especially Lucille and Cédric my 2 best friends.

As of now, I have more or less trip plans for early 2014 :

January : California

February : Malaysia – Indonesia

March : Guiana

April : Japan

Next ? I’ll try to keep exploring the most beautiful places of the world.

I’d really like to visit this completely lost place: Kiribati

I’m still looking for people to go with me to the other side of the world, so if you like adventures and my kind of crazy ideas, let me know !

I just bought a Canon 70D, and I will try to be more into video, if you have advice for me on video editing and filming, feel free to contact me !

And for all the backstage of my adventures, like my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Juliachoublog