Dubai: Burj Khalifa the highest tower in the world and a cruise dinner

One thing that surprised me, Dubai is very clean.
People always clean all: the beaches, the windows, the floor and even escalator ramps. I want to take them all in my suitcase in Paris and  drop them at the metro  station Châtelet-Les Halles. They might rub for months without stopping!
We went to visit the Mall of Dubai. This is one of the largest malls in the world. It contains a « underwater zoo », an ice rink, and access to Burj Khalifa. Dubai Mall is part of the Souk Al Bahar.
At the entrance of the gallery, they propose small car carts for children.

The food court is great and big, and the supermarket is interesting to see, there is even a « pork shop ». We ate at Vapiano, a Italian restaurants chain I discovered in Sweden. I love their order system: we choose pasta or pizza, you order via a magnetic card given at the entrance. they give us a black box which vibrates when your order is ready. We pay the global magnetic card amount while our order was prepared.
Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa, 828 meters high, is the tallest skyscraper in the world (for now). It was inaugurated in 2010, so everything is new and very high-tech inside. The lift go very fast to  the observation deck at the 124th floor.
Even booking tickets in advance with a specific time indicated on it, we waited a long time. We arrived at 11:40 in the waiting room for a ticket at 12am and we arrived at 13h on the observation deck. Do not talk about the waiting queue to go down!

Moreover, the view is amazing, you can see how Dubai born in the desert, between cranes and perfectly designed areas around artificial lakes.
In the afternoon we went to the beach, at 4pm the sun was already very low and, even without sunscreen, we has not really taken off colors. The water was about 30°C and the sea is extremely salty so a little scratch can sting terribly. We went to Jumeirah Beach Park, the entrance is 5 dirahms, and you can have a sun lounger and umbrella, which is very pleasant.

The evening, we were able to try a cruise dinner.

We waited our driver 30 minutes… Arrived at the boat, we chose the upper deck as recommended. The welcome cocktail (without alcohol) is a low-end warm multifruits juice.

At 8:45pm, our boat finally started moving, the illuminated buildings are  parading in a beautiful spectacle, which helps a little to forget that we are really hungry.

At 9:20 pm, the buffet is now ready. There was a short line but everyone remained calm. We can found a large selection of hot and cold dishes, I took a little while of all to taste.

At 9:45pm, an oriental dancer arrives. She whirls between the tables and play with those who try to reach the buffet. This is pretty cool as show!

10:30 pm, we went back, our driver waited for us at the exit and drove back to our apartment. Another day which was nice and busy!


Marina Dinner Cruise Dubai : AED300 (62-67 Euros Approx.) Per Person


Marina Dinner Cruise Inclusions:

  •       Welcome drink
  •       International 5* open bu­ffet dinner with water & soft drinks
  •       Belly Dance Show