Dubai: a trip in the desert

For our last day, we ride for a desert trip.

Do you know ?
If there is more than 50°C in Dubai, a law decrees the day as a bank holiday. So News networks always announce a temperature below 50°C while the temperature rises in the city sometimes up to 53C!
From 21th of October, a giant funfair opens, representing 60 countries: the Dubai Global village.
The Dubai Global Village consists of huge pavilions for each country. It brings together different cultures around the world and offers food, goods and their local crafts. There are also real treasures, like fantastic cottons from China, Syria nuts, Yemen honey, carpets from Iran, India textiles and furniture from Morocco.

In Dubai, many buildings and projects were started, and then abandoned. Including Universal Studios park, where only the door has been built!
Our evening in the desert:
At 3:00 pm, our driver waited for us. Just at the time!
We arrive in the desert at 4:00 pm. Our driver is the leader of the line… suddenly, it was the « virgin » desert in front of us, it was beautiful! It was my first time in the desert and I twas amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

This is where the Dune Bashing begins. Our driver, Babou, drive for 18 years. He explained he has a license to drive in the desert which has to be renewed every year.

Our car jumps the dunes, skids and goes down on very steep slopes. It is exhilarating and a good adrenaline rush!

We made a photo-stop in the middle of the desert. It was surrounded by sand out of sight, and yet my phone receives well!

We arrived to our camp, lost in the desert, my question is : how did they find it, hidden by the dunes?

I decided to ride a quad. They are 150cc and at full speed it peaked at 50km. In the sand with a very steep bump, this is enough to be a little scared and have fun! After a while, I saw someone who waved, I must return to the stand. I pretended not to understand and I still do a few laps. I did not even scold made 🙂

Then I dressed with a niqab during few photos. It’s hot, it’s hard to breathe and it scratches.

I tried sand boarding. I doubt about the ability of the board to slide on the sand. The manager waxed my board with a candle. I’m installed on the board,  and he explained I need to stay lined in the slope. It slides good when I pressed well on the back foot (right foot for me as goofy). I tried to turn and…drama, I directly stuck in the sand. No perseverance for me today, I give up directly: the idea of wading up to the top of  the dune in the sand discourages me.

So, I’m going to hug the nearest camel is actually a female camel, the beautiful Sheila.

A pose with a bird who looks too stoned, he does not flinch.

The camp is made up of bamboo houses (majlis). The first floor of this, 8 to 10 people can sleep but can also book it for a couple. It can also be booked for VIPs who want to have dinner away from the eyes, while enjoying the atmosphere of the camp. If I do it again, I’ll stay the night, I think it’s worth the experience!

Shishas are available in tents on sofas, very relaxing.

The art of selling sand in the desert!

There is a dancer who spins very fast (and even vomit, so what Justin Bieber?!) He turns gradually and then it becomes all light, this is crazy! He plays with fabrics and tells a true story with his dance.

They bring us lot of foods! (remember, we are 2) and everything is delicious!

Atmosphere and  music are delightful, a time « out of » the world.

A typical dancer came to close the show.

A woman, who comes from Iran, makes me beautiful henna designs.

A big thank you to our » baby sitter » Tejas, the camp manager.
This trip in the desert was a wonderful experience that I would definitely recommend if you go to Dubai, it is by far my favorite!

Evening Desert Safari: AED 295 Per Person (60-65 Euros Approx.) Per Person


Available Supplements: Sand Board, Quad Bike Ride, Alcohol and Beverages


Evening desert Safari Inclusions:

  • ·         Pick up and drop anywhere in Dubai
  • ·         45 minutes dune bashing
  • ·         Sunset stop
  • ·         Camel rides
  • ·         Welcome coff­ee & dates
  • ·         Henna painting
  • ·         Traditional costume room
  • ·         Sheesha smoking
  • ·         Tanoura dance show
  • ·         B.B.Q. bu­ffet dinner with water and soft drinks
  • ·         Belly dance show