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When you go on holidays, the 2 main budget are generally the trip to reach your destination and the accomodation. For the first point, I already gave you my tips for finding cheap flights  for the accomodation, there is Airbnb !

How did I discover Airbnb ?

In february 2011, I went couchsurfing on Alex’s couch in Long Beach, California, and we talked about travelling for a  few hours. He talks to me about an awesome website where you can rent some super nice big apartment for super cheap, and that he had used it during his recent trip to Paris. It seems a bit idyllic, it might be a scam. Thereupon he adds that he rented his room in Long Beach via the same site and in the end he earn more money than he spent! What a good deal! So I sign on more by curiosity than entirely convinced. A few months later, I’m leaving to California for a month and I want to rent my apartment through this site. Everything went well and I collect enough money to fully fund my stay in California!

What is Airbnb?

This website is a rental apartment between individuals, with great guarantees for both the host and the guest. As a host, if your guest burns your apartment, Airbnb help you financially to repair the damages. As a guest, if your host make a last minute cancelation, Airbnb help you find a plan B, or Plan C, or Plan D  super fast thanks to its huge community (I wish everything was that easy in my life!)

The advantage of Airbnb compared to its competitors

Airbnb is the leader on the global market, so you can easily find your dream house since the choice is wide. In addition there is a big team behind this service, so it is very well done, updated regularly with lots of improvements.

All images are pictures of house that you can actually rent on Airbnb! It sounds crazy right?

You want to rent your apartment, or your grandmother, to make lots of money?

Suscribe here: D5Q2SH with code you will receive € 35 once you have rented your apartment for at least one night

You want to go very far from here?

You can register on

Airbnb just launched a new feature: the wish lists, click the image above to see the presentation.

Good news: I offer € 100 to use on Airbnb, the opportunity to save one hotel night during your next trip, or to enjoy yourself renting a luxury house.

How to win the € 100 coupon?

By visiting this page: choose the location you prefer and convince me to go with your comments there. Of course, it’s just a dream then NO LIMIT budget!

To increase your chances of winning, you can tweet « For the contest @airbnb on the blog of @JuliaChou, the house of my dreams is » then link the place.

From my side, I dream of going to Hawaï or to have a house on the water <3

Feel free to make your own wishlist and send it to me, who knows, if there are favorites in common, they leave can be together?