A week end in Turin

I love Italy, but I didn’t know Turin. I spent a gourmet week-end there !


Photo by menilmonde.com

M** Bun proposes very good hamburgers, home made French fries, and steak tartares. They have a policy of using only local products, they even created their own coke, the Mole Cola, and their own beer.
fromageThis is the CHEESE part of my article. This robiola melted on slices of pear is just awesome !!
The menu is on their website : www.mbun.it

The temple of Italian food : Eataly at 3 Via Lagrange. It’s a an incredible and very big shop and restaurant, you can eat there or buy many delicious Italian products.
I love Italian food, I already knew pizza, pasta, parma ham, parmesan and ricotta. But not being a huge fan of Sicilian canolli and other cream pastries, I didn’t dwell on the sweet food. I loved the hot chocolate in Turin that I enjoyed twice in the week-end !

At the corner of Lagrange street, I discovered the Guido Gobino chocolate factory. I ordered a hot chocolate with 2 biscuits and they brought me a very stylish cup with 2 little gianduja and a glass of sparkling water. The taste of the chocolate is just crazy !

We had at Palazzo Madama, a divine chocolate, all kind of delicious biscuits, very comfortable seats, an orchestra playing classic music and a wonderful décor. I felt like I was travelling through time, it has been my favourite time of the trip.
Turin is not really far from Paris by plane, use a flight comparator to find a cheap flight.

The city is in work everywhere, it’s hard to appreciate the architecture ! But here are a few details that caught my attention.
In short, Turin is a pleasant city but definitely not the one I would visit in priority in Italy.