A beautiful spring week in New York

In May, I went to New York City with my great friends William and Julian of www.fmylife.com and, now I can tell that travel with them is more a dream than a fmylife story !

We just wanted to relax, have fun and good time during this trip, without any specific plan.

We booked a great apartment in upper Manhattan, Steven’s one: http://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/338023. This flat is amazing and Steven is very nice, I recommend it!

We ate very good sushis at Tenzan. They were hudge, with plenty of colors, and good stuff inside!

Then I went shopping at Urban Outfitters, probably the store I would like to have in Paris!

My unicorns chopsticks from Urban Outfitters

One of my acquisition at Abercrombie

The delicious Sarabeth’s brunch. No possibility to book, you just go there and stand in line, but it’s really delicious!

We took the subway because New York is a large city. I recommend to buy the 7-Day Unlimited Pass for $ 29

More shopping at Superdry, one of my favorite shop (and also the nickname I gave to Alex)

I also met superheroes!

The Sphere and its tragic history: this statue was stand in front of the world trade center and was recovered in the rubble

The Statue of Liberty, a strong symbol of the United States, that you can see during the Staten Island Ferry crossing.

We saw the famous musical « The Lion King » on Broadway. It was beautiful, certainly one of my lasting memories of this trip! Tickets are very expensive, but you have to see it once!

SpongeBob Squarepants cookies

One of the best burger I’ve eaten during my whole life: BareBurger chain. An enormous choice of meats is offered. I chose bison meat, with a brioche bun and an Hawaiian garnish.

A great bookshop  with cookbooks from around the world

An oasis of serenity in the middle of this crazy city. Central park, with on its background the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Levain Bakery: cookies to die for. They propose few products, but they are high quality and made locally. To taste absolutely!

Cuban meal at Cafe Habana. I discovered Cuban food in Miami. This spot is supposed to be one of the best Cuban address in NYC. You must stand in line to  there. It was correct but beneath its reputation.

Shopping, one more time. At Urban Outfitters. Mustache glasses, what else?

Shopping, again, but in riders universe. Dedication to my buddy Joseph.