Comment 2 Californiennes ont changé ma vie

Dear Jewel and Alyssandra,

I was thinking of the year that just passed, and where I was 12 month ago. I realised how important you’ve been in my life !
You just poped in my life and made it turn brighter !
I’ve never been attracted par the USA. It was too far, to expensive for me to happen to there by mistake.
When I met you, you just changed my life. I started to play the guitar, what I wanted for so long. You gave me confidence enought to be able to sing in front of people.
I had great moments with you in Paris.
Finally, keeping contact, you did bring me to cross all the USA hitchhiking with Antoine to meet you in Long Beach. This trip was the most amazing trip of my life, and I’m very proud of it !
Then you did put me on stage for my first time. You made me feel good. You made me meet amazing people. You made me fall in love with USA and american people.
I tried Roller Derby for the first time and I loved it. I discovered that you can put avocado everywhere.

Thank you for being awesome !

I miss you