Sweet yummy time in rue Montorgueil in Paris

I’m a foody, I love Paris, and above all I love my neighborhood, especially the Rue Montorgueil.


So for 10 € at Pain Quotidien you get:

– A croissant

– A hot drink (I recommend their hot chocolate!)

– A freshly squeezed orange juice (and that’s a tall full glass, not a half empty glass with a jug of water beside)

– Butter

– Bread (sliced bread + baguette) you can ask for more for free

– Spreads, I love the dark chocolate!

– Jam, I especially like the sweet orange


Tea time

If weather is cloudy :

Go take some pastries from the bakery


51 Rue Montorgueil

75002 Paris

01 42 33 38 20


Then buy some tea at

Lov organic

15 rue Montorgueil

75001 Paris


You just have to go home, put your favorite soft music and enjoy!


If it’s sunny:

Get an ice cream from the italian glacier Deliziefollie


7, rue Montorgueil

75001 Paris .00

And you, what is your favorite street in Paris? Give me your sweet adresses I could enjoy!