Sévigné Hotel in Paris

I give a lot of good addresses about everywhere in the work, and I’m often asked for hotel addresses in Paris, but as I live there, I never visit hotels in Paris.

When I discovered the Sérvigné Hotel, a little and class hotel near the Arc de Triomphe, I had a crush for its crazy decoration and its author citations. My mom is a literature teacher, so she likes reading, and I instantly thought about her and wanted to make her discover this hotel.
Soon after my discovery, she came to Paris and I asked her to email me her feelings, here is what she wrote :

The hotel is near the subway, and the RER Étoile is at a few hundreds of meters. Located between the Avenue Kléber and the Square des États-Unis, it is easily accessible. So near the Champs Élysées. It is a stylish building and not a modern building with no personality. The reception is fine. The elevator is tiny due to the characterful building. It is not part of a chain of hotels with large corridors and big bay windows, but I like these particular hotels that can’t be found everywhere !

The room, is well warmed up, spacious enough and bright (3rd floor, many windows in mine). The bed is big and comfortable. Impeccable bedding. It is well equipped : two armchairs, coffee table and a desk with a kettle, and all you need to have tea or coffee. There is a minibar with products at your disposal (chargeable). You may order salads or bagels or sandwiches, that will be brought to your room. There is big TV screen. The decoration is neat and filled with author quotes, painted on the walls. This is quite pleasant for a hotel bearing the name of an author, Madame de Sévigné.

The bathroom is nice (big shower, two nice basins and a large window). The towels are many enough, but not of the best quality, the sponge is quite light. The Bio products are quite cheap and don’t smell really good (even though this is not so important).
The good points of the rooms:

Good quality kettle and pieces needed to have tea or coffee. Nice dishes.

– Minibar with drinks at your disposal (chargeable).

– Possibility to order salads or bagels or sandwiches at any time that will be brought to your room.

– Breakfast served either in common or in your room at the time you want (between 6 and 10). It is fine but just one croissant for two breakfasts, and one cup when you order coffee and tea. However, they are brought with no discussion or supplementary charge, and the dishes are in elegant white porcelain. The service is delicate and respectful.
My stay

It has been very convenient and I really liked this hotel with a great room decoration, as well as the space and the features.

Hotel De Sevigné
6 rue de Belloy 75116 Paris Tel. +33(0)1 47 20 88 90 contact@hoteldesevigne.com

PS : this is my mom’s first article on my blog and today is a special day because it’s her birthday. Happy birthday mom!