Dare and enjoy, at Coté Sushi

Article written by Céline

Today, I take you for a ride to Japan, to discover Côté Sushi restaurant, which invited us to taste its new summer menu launching.

Coté Sushi, it is 6 upscale restaurants, located in France and Belgium. The founder resumed the japanese cuisine basis and ideas to launch brilliantly a « welfare sushi » concept. They are far of a classic japanese meal but close to a successful marriage with french cuisine. The menu is a tribute to lobster, soft shell crab, scallops, or to the classic tuna, salmon and shrimps which are in the spotlights, and mingling the spice or citrus flavors.

I was surprised to find a ceviche on the menu (which is composed of raw fish and quite diet, but more south american than asian!), however the rest of tasting was a great experience, so, let’s put it aside.

I especially liked the california confit (made with tuna, onion jam and gingerbread). The crispy saumons (kind of california rolls with salmon, grilled) had also their tiny success, and this blog’s author claimed a few during the last two days (you know how she is choosy!).

We also tested the flowers (vegetable maki in rice paper with a tartare sauce), which maybe contained too much sauce, and tataki thon (tuna tataki), which was well prepared, but I confess prefered bigger pieces to those who have been serves. To end with a sweet note, we tried the maki oreo: the rice is cooked in coconut milk, stuffed with oreo dough and rolled in crumbled pralines.

If you’re not willing to and taste their products, I do not know how to convince you 😉

Côté Sushi, 77 rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris.

Open every day except for sunday lunch

11h-15h/18h-23h. Catering & delivery