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A very french food : bread, wine and cheese

During the stay of my australian friend Dan in Paris, I wanted to make him taste the good french products. So we went to explore the treasures of rue Montorgueil.

A very french food :

First, we go to La Fermette, on the 86 rue Montorgueil and we ask for a plate of cheeses reguarding our own taste. The one on the photo costs 18€, and we got fresh goat cheese, cow cheese saint marcelin, traditional conté, sheep cheese and soft reblochon.

Then, we stop by the wine seller Nicolas, 61 rue Montorgueil, you can find this shop everywhere in Paris, the sellers are passionate about wine.Tell them what you are gonna eat and your budget and they’ll guide you to find the good wine.

Last but not least, let’s buy one or several baguette at « Le boulanger de Monge « , 53 rue Montorgueil.

Here we are, your french feast is ready !

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  1. Merci Bien. J’aurais une seule journee a Paris. Pout acheter les livres du cuisine a Gilbert Jeune et pour manger. Bourdain (Layover Paris) a dit,  » … a Paris, du bon vin et du fromage, ca va tres bien. La Tour Eiffel ? pour les touristes foux. » (Translation liberale)

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