My 10 favourite instagram accounts

My instagram Juliacalinou, completes my travel blog by posting photos on the fly. On Instagram, I follow mainly my friends to see what happens in their life, but I also follow people because I like the content they publish. Instagram is a full social network and I already met people there !
1. Van Murph

Who ? This American Airlines pilot makes us share his daily life above the clouds.
For who ? For plane lovers or thus who are curious to know what happens in the cockpit.
Me and him ? Thanks to Instagram we started to become « friends » and we often chat through our pictures and even on Facebook !

2/ Warren Keelan
Who ? This aquatic photograph spends his life in the waves and shares with us his love for the ocrean. He takes pictures of the waves and whatever you can find in : surfers, sea animals…
For whom ? For those who live far from the ocean and want to have a few waves in their life.
Me and him ? I wanted to buy some of his pictures that are not on his online shop but unfortunately he is too busy and never replied to my messages.

3/ Stéphane Puchois
Who ? This Parisian man takes wonderful pictures of what’s around him : mainly Paris, but not only !
For whom ? For those who love Paris, and there’s no way not to with these wonderful pictures !
Me and him ? He was a friend before I followed him on Instagram, but his photos were really worth watching !

4/ Qorz

Who ? This photography lover captures landscapes and emotions surrounding him, his photos often give me chills. He mainly takes pictures in France, of landscapes and people.
For whom ? For those who love France.
Me and him ? I met him via a friend who told me about his Instagram when he introduced us. The beauty of his pictures truly shows who he is…

5/ Lisa Aucoin :
Who ? A young Quebecker kitesurfer who went to live in Hawaii.
For whom ? The people who consider dropping everything to live their dreams, and think that it’s not possible.
Me and her ? I met Lisa in Hawaii, she works in the youth hostel where I was housed. She breathes happiness and joy of life, this makes me want to show people that it’s not that hard to live their dreams.

6/ Jamie Oliver
Who ? This chief shares the greatest pictures of food. Who said British people can’t cook?
For whom ? For greedy people and gourmets, who want to salivate or to find inspiration for their next meal.
Me and him ? This British chief makes me dream since I’m 10 years old, I saw him on the British TV for the first time, when I spent some time there and wouldn’t be able to understand what was happening around me yet.

7/ Jon Ortiz

Who ? This New Yorker rider posts nice pictures of New York and of his trips.
For whom ? For those who love sliding sports, bikes and New York.
Me and him ?  I met him in a Skate Park in Manhattan via my good friend Cécile.

8/ Justin Bieber
Who ? Everyone knows who this turbulent boy is, he must be one of the most famous teenagers of the planet now. But what I love about his instagram is that he posts things the same way as I do : his trips, his likes, his friends…
For who ? For the fans but for those who want to follow the life of a turbulent American teenager
Me and him ?  I follow a lot of singers on youtube and I follow Justin since his Ne-Yo cover, a while ago, before he became this cash machine, he is a talented kid !

9/ WeAreFrance
What ? An account putting together a lot of pictures of my wonderful country : France
For whom ? For those who love France and live far from it or thus who live in and need to be remembered how nice this country is.
This account and me ?  As a big France lover, I created this account and feed it with your suggestions !

10/ French Words


What ? Everyday a new new French word and its English translation.
For whom ? For the lovers of the French language or thus who want to learn it. For French speakers willing to learn English.
This account and me ?  It’s my best friend Julien who created this account and I think it’s a good idea, I try to teach French to all my motivated American friends !