Being home

« Home is wherever I’m with you »


I’ve always been nomadic. I have attended 14 schools before my baccalaureate, and every change of school was due to a move. I have often been made feel that I’m new, that my friendship wasn’t as worthy as the ones that have been build from childhood. Children are hard among them, and it’s worse with teenagers. I learned to be opened to all the meeting opportunities, to build links quickly, to listen, enjoy every moment with the people I liked at this exact moment. This turned me into this little love ball, I get close very quickly to the people I consider as worthy of my love and my trust. This overwhelming love sometimes scares people, but they get used to it.

For me, « home » is the place where I am with the people I love. I don’t get much tied to an apartment or another. I don’t have any particular need to be in my home rather than in someone else’s. I just think that it’s convenient to have a place to sleep and store a few stuff, but I’d rather sleep at my best friend‘s with her so endearing cat and her crazy heater.


When I spend Christmas in Australia with Dan’s family, I feel like with my family, everybody know me and treat me like I was part of their family, we remember the memories of last year, we talk about what happened since then…

« Remember us »

When I am in California, at Jon’s or Alyssandra’s or Jewel’s, when I come across Halle, Michael, Emily in the street, when Sara, the Viento y Agua waitress, knows which drink I usually have, and my favourite beautician Alexis takes care of me in my spa, then I really feel like home !


I feel good when I’m surrounded with good people. I remember more easily nice meetings than nice landscapes. The human relations are what I like the most in my trips, and I would like to always be near the people I love, but they are spread all over the planet.


For me, being home is not being in my Parisian apartment, it’s being in a place where I feel good, where I feel comfortable, and where I feel loved. Happy thanksgiving…