A Mediterranean cruise

Few weeks ago , I received an email from the France Cruising offering me to go for a cruise. I always wanted to ride those big boats that I ran into in my trips. I have seen a lot in the port of Papeete in Tahiti, I have seen a huge one passing in the «Grand Canal» in Venice, but still small for a cruise boat, it’s pretty impressing! croisiere1 695x231

I discovered the life on board, a real village, with activities, meals throughout the day, and my lovely balcony where I spend some time to relax away from the crazy Parisian life which I totally like. I started my cruise by a night of 12 hours, the humming of the engine that rocks me, the pitching and rolling, the tiredness of the last days, all that allowed me to have a marvelous night!

croisiere3 695x231 Une croisière en Méditerranée

I loved my cabin with its balcony. For me, a cruise without a balcony is out of question! It’s so peaceful to be on the balcony with the sea out of sight!


This cruise was a great opportunity to have a me time: In Paris, my life is crazy, I always run everywhere and I encroach on the niche that I reserve to take time for me. So, on the cruise, I had time to visit the spa for a treatment and a haircut. I was also able to play sports by the sea!


We spent a little time in the sea then we arrived to Tunis


In Tunis, we followed the group till down town, then we went by ourselves to do visits. I met a lot of nice people in the souk, some made ​​me taste their food, others their chicha, and took me on a roof where I could see the whole city!

I had just a glimpse of the city, but it gave me desire to return! Just the time to build some nice memories and take nice photos.


I think that cruising is a good solution for cheap holidays to have time for ourselves, to visit different places without bother much with logistics. On the cruise we eat French, we speak French, so they are « easy » holidays and therefore relaxing. I will do it again to rest and clear my head, alone or with friends. thank you France Cruising for this nice getaway. Thank you Donatienne, Fabienne, Angèle, Charlie, Pierre, Jordan for the atmosphere au top! And a special thanks to Sylvain, for the pretty images he has taken …