My australian adventure

When I was a kid, I was taught that Australia was the only country to also be a continent. I was told about its unique fauna and flora. I fell in love with the heaps of weird animals :
– The platypus, the weirdest animal ever, a real joke of mother nature : a duck’s jaw, a beaver’s tail, and otter’s legs.
– The koala : it only eats Eucalyptus. And as Eucalyptus is not full of energy, the koala spend his life to sleep and eat.
– The kangaroo : it’s an animal wich love boxing. If you mess up with it, right hook. Bogan of the animal world.
– The wombat : animal that has the most weirdo defensive mode in the world. I quote wikipedia: “His bottom is very powerful. It is used especially to crush his opponents against the walls of his den.” This animal crushes his enemies with his big butt! How badass is that ?

When I grew up, Australia made ​​me dream for its beautiful tanned boys, surfing, beaches and the sun.

And one day I decided to go there.

As a travel addict, I get adapted easily everywhere I go. I generally go with the flow. But there, for the first time, I really felt like I belong there. Australian are cool, a completly different state of mind. They respect the rules, are open-minded and very helpfull. There is also heaps of backpackers there to leave the australian adventure, you can meet people from all over the world there !

If tomorrow I have the occasion of leaving to Australia for a year, I’m gonna do like every single backpacker : buy a combi and leave on the roads ! And I won’t forget my surfboard of course.

My dream jobs ? I would chear up Koalas, I will cuddle them when they will have problems. I’ll be a surf chamion. And of course I’ll do some fruit picking, to extend my visa and do it all over again !

Hugo, Marc, Jérôme, come on, bring me with you ! I’m able to make you some crepes even in Australia, and it’s not that easy !

I’m ready for Australia !

– The website of Tourism Australia :