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Top 10 des plus belles destinations pour se marier

Je me suis mariée à Little White Chapel, là où s’est marié Elvis, à Las Vegas. C’était beaucoup de fun et d’émotions, avec les copines américaines qui pleurent, toutes habillées en rose bonbon ! Si je devais me marier à nouveau, voici mon top 10 des endroits qui me font le plus rêver :   1. Rocky Oaks Un magnifique vignoble …

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We’ve got matching tattoos

We live only once, so we have to live fully. I sometimes do things a little bit too crazy, wise adults tell me to be careful, that I could hurt myself, and regret my choices. Cause it’s a beautiful night We’re looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you I’ve always wanted to get …

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Happy new year 2014 !

The year 2013 in review : I started 2013 in a good way with a double new year : once in Sydney, then a second time in Tahiti. It was the end of my first world tour : Los Angeles – Paris – New Dehli – Bangkok – Bali – Sydney – Tahiti – Los Angeles.  Back in France, I …

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My 10 crazy adventure dreams

One day I read this beautiful phrase « they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it ». Sometimes, I set crazy goals for myself, to keep dreaming, to make you dream, and just because I can ! Some time ago, with my friend Antoine, we decided to hitchhike across USA from East to West. We did it impulsively, we thought …

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How celebrated New Year’s Eves twice the same year!

I like to celebrate new year, when everyone is in love with everyone and where we party like never before. I always try starting the year on an exceptional way, selecting carefully who I will kiss first, who will have my first french kiss, and who I will wrap the first in the party favors… This year I decided to …

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