Delight your palate and your eyes in Bangkok!

The metro is very clean and with air-conditioning.
On the metro map, you can find the ticket rate. Between 15 and 50 baht. If you are not alone, you shouldn’t hesitate to take the taxi! Sometimes it is cheaper than subway!

We went to visit John Thompson House. John Thompson is an architect who has collected traditional houses he went looking around in Thailand. The tour costs 100 baht, if you are under 25, you can take advantage of half price with presentation of your ID. We saw beautiful old Buddha statues. The Chinese-style and Thai style mixed therein. The tour is free and in french. We done it barefoot and it was very pleasant.

Taxis are cheaper than tuk tuk and air conditioning. But the drivers did not know their own city!

Enjoy bar : a brewery runs by a American married to a Thai. The two speak fluent english and are able to adapt dishes to our western palates. Very nice,  good food and pretty cheap.

Wat Suthat temple swing. 20 bath. – Giant Buddhas covered with gold leaf. Monks dressed with the traditional orange dress.

At Chinatown, we came across a covered market with lots of electronics inside, a true treasure island for me! Unbeatable prices and an almost unlimited choice!

The food court has Asok, Terminal 21. Lots of choices. A delicious pad thai for 30bath (0.70 €).

In this giant mall area, there are also lot of funny t shirts, one of Bangkok speciality 🙂 They cost all the same price, 400 baht (€ 10) but are nice and good quality. Be careful though, the t-shirt sizes really small for European, so take one size bigger.

Chilis being dried

Thais have a poor level of english but they are very nice and polite.

The grand palace is really a « tourist trap », people trying to rip us everywhere. It drove me crazy and I did a U-turn at the entrance.
Instead, I walked around the market which is near the jetty, with lot of Buddhist pieces and food stands.
My travel buddy’s phone was robbed in the grand palace, so pay attention to your stuff!

Lebua hotel. I did not get there but my friend Steph told me this is a « must see ». Then I will go there if I return to Bangkok because I trust him!
You can have a cocktail at the skybar or breakfast near the pool. You have to be well dressed to get in.

The street food was one of my favorite thing in Bangkok.

You can find extraordinary stuff : skewers, fruit, rice. 10 baht each.


Their energy drinks are very effective. M-150 is not sparkling, a taste of red bull without bubble.

You can use the boat to travel on the Chao Praya River. Chao Phraya is a Thai honorific word, which can be roughly translated as « lord of the waters. »

Small temple on the street

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